Friday, August 19, 2011

Rickey Henderson and the Catchers who Despised Him

Rickey Henderson stole 1406 bases in his 25 Major League seasons. He attempted to steal on more than 240 different catchers.

Rickey Henderson had the most stolen bases against: (top 10)

1.  Jim Sundberg    54
2.  Ernie Whitt     48
3.  Carlton Fisk    43
4.  Butch Wynegar   37
5.  Rick Dempsey    37
6.  Brian Harper    36
7.  Lance Parrish   36
8.  Rich Gedman     33
9.  John Wathan     32
10. Ron Hassey      29
These catchers caught Henderson the most:

1.  Lance Parrish   17
2.  Bob Boone       15
3.  Jim Sundberg    13
4.  Carlton Fisk    11
5.  Ernie Whitt     10
6.  Rich Gedman      9
7.  Sandy Alomar     8
8.  Butch Wynegar    7
9.  Rick Dempsey     7
10. Pat Borders      7

Props to Bob Boone who only appears on the Caught Stealing list. Henderson did manage 19 steals against Boone but nowhere near top 10. 

These catchers caught Henderson at the highest rate (at least 10 attempts):

1.  Bob Boone      19/34  .56%
2.  Ivan Rodriguez  9/15  .60
3.  Ed Ott          6/10  .60
4.  Jorge Posada    7/11  .64
5.  Sandy Alomar   15/23  .65

Once again, Boone is on top. Sandy Alomar, though he faced Rickey later in his career also appears on both lists.

Henderson stole 3b off these catchers the most:

1. Jim Sundberg     12
2. Brian Harper     11
3. Carlton Fisk     11
4. Ernie Whitt      10
5. John Wathan      10

Once again, Henderson's favorite victim is Sundberg.

And here's a complete list of all catchers and Rickey Henderson's success against them:

Gary Alexander 1/1, Andy Allanson 23/24, Gary Allenson 6/7, Sandy Alomar 15/23, Brad Ausmus 1/2, Paul Bako 4/5, Chris Bando 8/9, Michael Barrett 1/3, Bill Bathe 5/5, Gary Bennett 1/1, Damon Berryhill 3/4, Bob Boone 19/34, Pat Borders 18/25, Glenn Borgmann 2/4, Scott Bradley 19/23, Kevin Brown 1/2, Bud Bulling 3/5, Sal Butera 4/7, Javier Cardona 1/1, Raul Casanova 4/5, Alberto Castillo 2/2, Marty Castillo 1/1, Rick Cerone 18/23, Stan Cliburn 2/2, Mike Colbern 4/5, Larry Cox 4/5, Ben Davis 1/1, Bob Davis 2/2, Steve Decker 0/1, Rick Dempsey 37/44, Bo Diaz 1/1, Einar Diaz 1/1, Mike DiFelice 5/6, Tom Donohue 6/9, Brian Downing 3/3, Duffy Dyer 1/1, Dave Engle 1/2, Jim Essian 12/14, Bobby Estalella 1/1, Tony Eusebio 1/2, Jorge Fabregas 7/8, Bill Fahey 2/3, Sal Fasano 4/5, Joe Ferguson 3/3, Mike Fischlin 2/2, Carlton Fisk 43/54, John Flaherty 12/13, Darrin Fletcher 12/13, Marv Foley 3/3, Barry Foote 5/8, Brook Fordyce 1/1, Jim Gaudet 2/2, Rich Gedman 3/42, Bob Geren 4/6, Joe Girardi 3/3, Wiki Gonzalez 1/2, Dan Graham 6/7, Brad Gulden 1/1, Edwards Guzman 1/1, Toby Hall 1/1, Brian Harper 36/41, Bill Haselman 4/5, Ron Hassey 29/35, Scott Hatteberg 7/8, Mike Heath 17/18, Scott Hemond 4/4, Carlos Hernandez 1/1, Ramon Hernandez 0/2, Marc Hill 7/7, Chris Hoiles 13/15, Mike Hubbard 2/2, Todd Hundley 7/8, Dave Huppert 1/1, Brian Johnson /2, Bob Johnson 1/1, Charles Johnson 4/8, Mark Johnson 1/3, Ron Karkovice 10/13, Bob Kearney 2/2, Jason Kendall 13/16, Terry Kennedy 5/5, Bruce Kimm 1/1, Randy Knorr 3/3, Chad Kreuter 5/6, Tom Lampkin 4/4, Tim Laudner 28/34, Mike LaValliere 2/3, Matt LeCroy 1/1, Jesse Levis 2/3, Jim Leyritz 3/3, Mike Lieberthal 5/7, Paul LoDuca 1/2, Javy Lopez 2/2, Dwight Lowry 1/1, Mike MacFarlane 17/21, Robert Machado 2/2, Tom Magrann 4/4, Kirt Manwaring 8/9, Eli Marrero 2/3, Sandy Martinez 1/1, Buck Martinez 22/26, John Marzano 4/6, Mike Matheny 1/1, Pascual Matos 1/1, Brent Mayne 15/18, Bill McGuire 2/2, Bob Melvin 6/7, Orlando Mercado 2/2, Matt Merullo 0/1, Darrell Miller 1/1, Damian Miller 7/10, Doug Mirabelli 1/2, Chad Moeller 1/1, Bengie Molina 6/6, Jose Molina 0/1, Charlie Moore 13/16, Thurman Munson 3/4, Greg Myers 13/13, Bill Nahorodny 1/1, Jerry Narron 10/11, Rob Natal 3/5, Jamie Nelson 4/5, Phil Nevin 6/7, Jeff Newman 2/2, Carl Nichols 3/3, Tom Nieto 2/2, Dave Nilsson 6/6, Matt Nokes 24/27, Joe Nolan 9/13, Johnny Oates 1/3, Charlie O'Brien 7/7, Joe Oliver 4/7, Junior Ortiz 7/9, John Orton 2/3, Ed Ott 6/10, Jayhawk Owens 1/1, Larry Owen 3/3, Tom Pagnozzi 0/2, Rey Palacios 1/1, Al Pardo 1/1, Lance Parrish 36/53, Angel Pena 1/1, Tony Pena 7/7, Eddie Perez 2/2, Ben Petrick 3/3, Geno Petralli 9/12, Mike Piazza 9/10, Darrell Porter 9/13, Jorge Posada 7/11, Jamie Quirk 2/2, Dave Rader 3/5, Floyd Rayford 7/9, Mike Redmond 2/2, Jeff Reed 7/7, Ivan Rodriguez 9/15, Rich Rowland 3/3, John Russell 3/3, Mark Salas 11/12, Benito Santiago 4/6, Bill Schroeder 6/7, Donnie Scott 5/7, Scott Servais 3/5, Danny Sheaffer 1/1, Joe Siddall 0/1, Ted Simmons 14/19, Joel Skinner 18/22, Don Slaught 14/19, Ray Smith 4/5, Mike Stanley 20/25, John Stefero 2/2, Terry Steinbach 5/9, Bob Stinson 1/1, Kelly Stinnett 2/2, Marc Sullivan 1/2, Jim Sundberg 54/67, B.J. Surhoff 18/19, Mike Sweeney 2/3, Rick Sweet 7/7, Jeff Tackett 2/2, Eddie Taubensee 7/8, Mickey Tettleton 23/24, Ron Tingley 2/2, Chris Turner 1/1, Javier Valentin 1/1, Dave Valle 21/25, Jason Varitek 5/6, Don Wakamatsu 0/1, Matt Walbeck 3/6, John Wathan 32/37, Lenny Webster 2/3, Ernie Whitt 48/58, Chris Widger 3/6, Rick Wilkins 2/2, Jerry Willard 11/13, Dan Wilson 10/12, Tom Wilson 2/2, Vance Wilson 0/1, John Wockenfuss 13/14, Butch Wynegar 37/44, Steve Yeager 3/3, Ned Yost 20/22, Gregg Zaun 1/2


Anonymous said...

Typo on "Brian Johnson /2"

Anonymous said...

Some interesting other observations...

Tom Pagnozzi and Ramon Hernandez hold the bragging rights for ALWAYS throwing out Rickey, each having 2 Rickey caught stealings without allowing a Rickey stolen base. Rickey was never 0/3 or worse against any catcher.

On the other side of the coin, Greg Myers NEVER threw out Rickey in 13 attempts. I would give Andy Allanson and Mickey Tettleton the dishonorable mention prizes as each only threw Rickey out once in 24 attempts.

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