Monday, August 29, 2011

2006 Draft Revisited - Picks #1-10

The 3rd part in our look back to the 2010 amateur draft. Can't say it was the best draft around but there are at least 3 superstars in the top 10 (Lincecum, Longoria and Kershaw). Here are picks #10 to #1:

10. Tim Lincecum SF - One of the best pitchers in baseball, this pick propelled the Giants to the 2010 World Series Championship. Lincecum has won 67 games in the Majors so far and has aleady struck out 1082. His numbers are outstanding and he has, thus far, been the best pick of the 2010 draft, slightly ahead of Kershaw and Longoria. PASS

9. Billy Rowell BAL - The Orioles are another team who can't afford to miss a top ten pick and though the jury may still be out on Rowell, he hasn't progressed past AA and hasn't shown the power that scouts expected from him. Rowell has shown a propensity to strike out without the power numbers and has batted .261 with an OPS of 718. There's nothing about Rowell's progress that suggests he will ever be a major leaguer starter let alone a major leaguer. FAIL

8. Drew Stubbs CIN - Out of Texas, Drew Stubbs has established himself as a good fantasy option for his power and speed combination and he's become a regular in the Reds lineup. The Reds didn't rush Stubbs and he didn't show a lot of power in the minors but he sure found it in Cincy swatting 8 in his 180 at bats in 2009. Stubbs strikes out a lot and will walk a bit but his power/speed combination makes GMs drool. PASS

7. Clayton Kershaw LAD - The Dodgers struck gold with Kershaw who has quickly developed into an ace. A power strikeout pitcher who keeps the ball in the park and who is tough to hit, Kershaw's only weakness may be the walk. HE has struck out 11.3 batters per 9 in the minors and 9.4 in the majors. The Dodgers hit this one out of the park. PASS

6. Andrew Miller DET - The Tigers tried to rush Miller to the Majors in 2006 but it might have cost them their first round pick. Miller got 13 starts in 2007 with the Tigers before being traded to Florida as part of the Miguel Cabrera deal. 3 years in Florida was not the tonic and he is currently with the Red Sox organization where he has seen success in the minors but not much in the majors. Miller has been given a long leash in the majors so far and at the age of 26, the leash will soon start to run out. FAIL

5. Brandon Morrow SEA - Now playing for the Blue Jays, Morrow, when not injured, has been a fixture in the Jays starting rotation as a typical tough to hit strikeout pitcher with control problems. He has struck out 10 batters per 9 innings in the majors and amassed 26 wins so far. He started his career as a reliever with the Mariners, pitching in 60 games at the age of 22 in 2007 but has since morphed into a starter, striking out 178 batters in 2010 and he once struck out 17 batt
ers in a game. Morrow has shown the ability to be dominant and if he can get his walks under control, Morrow can be an all-star because he's got the stuff. PASS.

4. Brad Lincoln PIT - The Pirates need to make the best use of their #1 picks and I'm not sure that Lincoln ended up being a good pick for the Pirates. 5 years later, your #1 pick should ideally be in your lineup (especially your college picks) but Lincoln has barely seen the majors so far and hasn't dominated enough in the minors. He had a strong 2009 at AA but he has a minor league record of 28-32 with a 4.07 ERA with a minute 1.86 walks per 9 innings. At the Major League level, his strikeout numbers have dropped significantly and he has allowed 11 hits per 9 innings. FAIL

3. Evan Longoria TB - Though he is struggling in 2011 at the hot corner with the Rays, Longoria has already been a 3x all-star, won a gold glove, won a silver slugger award and played in the World Baseball Classic for the US. Has batted .275 with 100 homers and on OPS of 864 in the Major Leagues. Longoria is an example of making use of your #1 pick, unlike the Royals and Rockies at #1 and #2. PASS

2. Greg Reynolds COL - Similar to Hochevar, Reynolds hasn't found his footing in the Major Leagues and has struggled at the AA and AAA level as well. Has a career ERA of 4.50 and a WHIP of 1.41 in the minors and though he is 3-0 in Colorado this season, his numbers aren't good. The Rockies seem to be looking at him as a reliever these days but he's been way too hittable and hasn't struck out nearly enough batters. FAIL

1. Luke Hochevar KC - Made it the major leagues in 2007 and became a regular in 2008, losing much more than he won so far for bad KC teams. Has a career ERA of 5.39 and a WHIP of 1.42. Has not struck out batters like he did in College or in the Minors. At the age of 27, he's running out of time to establish himself with Kansas City and its not helping the Royals come back from not having a winning seasons since 2003. FAIL

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