Wednesday, August 31, 2011

At Bat Leaders by Batting Order - 2000-2010

Sometimes when you're lying in bed late at night and you can't sleep, you start thinking about uninteresting blog posts that you could write. So for this one, I wanted to see which batters had the most at bats in a particular batting slot between 2000-2010. Its contingent on a player accumulating enough seasons out of the 11 to be able to appear on this list. Some notes:
  • Ichiro has the most at bats at any batting position. By far. (1500+ more at bats than any other player)
  • Leadoff hitters tend to be the most entrenched in their slot
  • 2nd, 3rd and 4th place hitters are also somewhat entrenched whereas 5th and up has much less consistency.
  • Alex Gonzalez (1977) is top 5 for 7th and 8th batting spots.
  • John McDonald is ranked 3rd in 9th spot which is interesting considering he is a part-time player.
  • 6th place hitter Jorge Posada is about 40% ahead of 2nd place Mike Cameron
Ichiro Suzuki     6711
Johnny Damon      5236
Rafael Furcal     5121
Juan Pierre       5104
Jimmy Rollins     4901

Placido Polanco   4709
Omar Vizquel      3997
Derek Jeter       3863
Michael Young     3381
Mark Loretta      2963

Bobby Abreu       4853
Albert Pujols     4627
Chipper Jones     3553
Gary Sheffield    3239
Brian Giles       3065

Manny Ramirez     4342
Magglio Ordonez   3889
Carlos Delgado    3883
Jeff Kent         3533
Carlos Lee        3229

Torii Hunter      2188
Pat Burrell       2151
Mike Lowell       2085
Hideki Matsui     1843
Moises Alou       1836

Jorge Posada      2115
Mike Cameron      1533
Jeff Francoeur    1519
Derrek Lee        1451
Richard Hidalgo   1320

Pedro Feliz       1737
David Bell        1463
Jason Varitek     1271
Alex Gonzalez     1201 (gonza002)
Edgar Renteria    1147

Brad Ausmus       2143
Mike Matheny      2022
Henry Blanco      1541
Alex Gonzalez     1522 (gonza002)
Alex Cora         1491

Adam Kennedy      1504
Y Betancourt      1375
John McDonald     1252
Brandon Inge      1244
Jason Bartlett    1165

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Marty E said...

Ichiro does not have 1,500+ more at bats at the same position than anyone else. Ichiro has 6,711 and Johnny Damon has 5,236. Ichiro has 1,475 more at bats. Just thought you'd like to know.