Friday, August 26, 2011

2006 Draft Revisited - Picks #11-20

Part II of our look back at the 2006 MLB draft. Here are picks #20 to #11:

20. Chris Parmelee MIN - Still only 23, Parmelee is doing well at AA, with an OPS of 831 and 12 homers and 27 doubles. The 2006 high school all-american has batted .267 in the minors and has been slow to move between levels. He's a good run producer and a left-handed bat and I think his future with the Twins is dependent on his power. If it exists, he has a future, otherwise, AAAA. FAIL

19. Brett Sinkbeil FLA - The Marlins let Sinkbeil progress through the minor leagues with some lenience and after switching him to a reliever in 2009, his stats actually got worse. They gave him a taste of the majors in 2010 but released him in 2011. The Pirates picked him up but nothing has changed. A 4.84 career minor league ERA won't get you very far. FAIL

18. Kyle Drabek PHI - A prized prospect in the Phillies organization, he was instrumental in bringing Roy Halladay to Philadelphia. He's currently 23 and struggling in AAA and 2011 has been a learning experience and the Jays hope that 2012 brings better things. For the Phillies, since he brought in Roy Halladay, this draft pick was a success but for the Blue Jays, the jury is still out. PASS

17. Matt Antonelli SD - Antonelli has long since fallen off the prospect radar and is currently at AAA for the Nationals after being let go by the Padres following 2010. Though he's hitting .297 at Syracuse and he's been getting on base at a good rate (.385), his career is on a downward trajectory and there's not much hope for him to have a permanent spot in the Majors. At the least, he did get a cup of coffee with the Padres in 2008 as a September callup and he hit a homer off Jason Hirsh. FAIL

16. Jeremy Jeffress MIL - Jeffress, a strikeout pitcher with poor control has struggled through the minors while the Brewers looked for any reason to promote him. He jumped from AA to the Majors in 2010 and went to the Royals in the Zack Greinke deal. He hasn't been much better in KC and a further blemish to his profile, Jeffress has been suspended 3 times for violating the league's drug policy. FAIL

15. Chris Marrero WAS - When you look at Marrero's minor league numbers, you notice the consistency with which he has hit at each level and he's just about been at every level. In AAA in 2010, he is batting .308 and is sure to earn himself a September callup. He has power, hits for average and likes the double (hello Lyle Overbay) but I don't think he'll be a superstar or even a star in the Majors. His defense is poor and he was only rated the #9 prospect in the Nationals system this year. We'll have a better idea on Marrero next season. PASS

14. Travis Snider TOR - Snider is a pretty good hitter who has good power and good baseball instincts but he's streaky and inconsisent and still hasn't managed a full season in the majors. The Jays are being patient with him and they still have him pencilled in for left field each spring and I think his rope is still long since each time the Jays send him down, he dominates AAA. PASS

13. Tyler Colvin CHC -  The Cubs didn't rush Colvin through the minors and though he had a few good years, he didn't make his mark until 2010 when he amassed 358 at bats with the Cubs. A power-hitting outfielder, Colvin doesn't do much else besides hit homers and I'm not sure he projects to be much more than a 4th outfielder. He has struggled in 2011 and taken a step back and at 25, he'll have to have a breakthrough in 2012 to keep on the Cubs radar. PASS (barely)

12. Kasey Kiker TEX - A former high-school all-american, Kiker has stalled at AA in the Rangers organization, fighting his control in almost every start. He has struck out 9.14 batters per 9 innings in his 6 minor league seasons but he has also walked 5.  Though still only 23, the fact that he is stalled in the minors doesn't bode well for his future and Texas has moved him to the bullpen to try to help him on his way. FAIL

11. Max Scherzer ARI - Had progressed nicely through the Diamondbacks system and made his debut early in 2008 with Arizona. After a solid 2010, Scherzer was part of the Curtis Granderson deal and has won 12 games so far in 2011 with 184 strikeouts making him one of the better pitchers in all of baseball. A strikeout pitcher who's tough to hit with a few extra walks like Lincecum and Morrow, Scherzer gives up a few more long balls but as for the Diamondbacks, who were able to get Ian Kennedy out of the Granderson deal, Scherzer was a good 1st pick. PASS

Next up, picks #1-10

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