Thursday, August 25, 2011

1983 Topps - 792 Cards

Another set that I grew up with. There are 792 cards in the 1983 Topps Regular Issue set. Each team in the set has two colors assigned to it and these two colors make up the frame of the photo and the background of the bottom part of the card. There are two photos on each player card. The top photo is the standard pose or action shot while an inset close-up of the player appears on either the bottom left or bottom right of the card. Opposite the inset photo is the player's name in capital letters with his position below, both on a white background. The color of the player's name matches the frame around the photo. Below the name and position, on the solid background, is the team nickname.

Within the set are the following subsets:

Record Breakers - #1-6
Team Leaders Cards - 1 for each team
Manager Cards - 1 for each team
League Leaders - AL and NL on the same card for each category.
All Star Cards - For each position, for each league. A separate card for each all-star exists in the set without the all-star notation.
Super Veterans - A current photo adjacent to a rookie photo and the year in which the player was a rookie. These cards appear directly after the player's regular card for the set.

This is the 20th complete set in the TBC Baseball Cards database.

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