Thursday, September 22, 2011

Version 10 of TBC :: New Layout

I'm calling this version 10. I'm embarassed that the site has been changed so often but there's a vision in my head and I've had difficulty producing that vision. This is the closest I've come so far.

I've gone back to the "Sponsorships" model but instead, have named them "Signatures". They are $15 for a player page for a year and I'll expand to other pages in the future. I have reduced the ads a little bit on the site and I hope to make up the revenue on the site through these signatures.

Take a look around the site. There are more pages and more features, especially in the boxes section. There's a few bugs still hanging around but I'll be trying to fix those over the coming weeks.

This is a one-man show. All data and programming are by me and so if you enjoy the site, please consider a Signature.

Gary Cohen

1 comment:

wiffler said...

love the site and I use it all the time ... but something's up with the era and hr stat lines.

keep up the great work.