Thursday, September 01, 2011

1974 Topps - 660 Cards

There are 660 cards in the 1974 Topps set. The cards are on a white background with the team city at the top on a pennant with a colored background. Next to the city is the player's position. At the bottom is the team's nickname, also in a pennant and the player's name, on two lines sits adjacent. Some cards have a picture in landscape mode with the city name and team nickname stuck together, sometimes scrunching together the player name and the position.

The subsets:
  • Hank Aaron home run king special. Cards #1-7
  • Team Cards for each team which is a group photo of the team in landscape format
  • Managers and Coaches: Each team has a card with a large photo of the manager with smaller photos of each coach on the team.
  • League Leaders: 8 stat categories with AL and NL leaders on same card
  • All-Stars: 9 different positions with AL and NL all-stars on each card.
  • World Series Summary cards and AL and NL Playoff cards. 10 cards
  • Rookies. 4 players per card by position. 13 different cards #595-608

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