Thursday, July 21, 2011

Blog Coming Soon

As you can see, The Baseball Cube has a new look and feel. I've never been much of a web designer but I think this one should last a while. The purpose of the update was to improve user experience.

There's not a lot that is new on the site but there will be soon as my times shifts from design to data once again. I'll also start to blog a few times a week to help keep the front page of the site fresh and hopefully provide some information and entertainment that will entice visitors to come back every day.

The blog will start once I have stabilized the current version of the site. The format of the blog will be snippets of information with the occasional personal rant about baseball and my day to day life. I'm not the best writer around but I feel that when I get on the right subject and in the right format, my writing can be at least a little bit entertaining if not interesting.

You may also have noticed the gray bar at the top of the site. Its supposed to remind you each time you visit to check out the TBC Research section which provides some tools for looking through historical data. Subscribing to this will also remove most ads from the site (leaves only Ebay) and will give you access to different features that I will be adding to the TBC in the future.

Yes, there are still a lot of ads and the truth is that I AM trying to make money off this site. I know its pretty obvious by the way the site is laid out but I am trying to do this full time and I put in an enormous amount of time to get the data organized and presented on the web site and so I am trying to support my family with this. Boo hoo, waaa waa. Hmmph. Well, all I ask is that you endure the ads (no popups, no intrusive ad types) and shop through the Ebay and Amazon links on the site when you decide to make a purchase. Think of us and you can help us by following the click-through with your purchases. I'll be here to remind you of this almost every week in case you forget!

Its an exciting new start for TBC and I hope you'll help us on this journey to become the most informative baseball site on the Internet.

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Robert Rittner said...

On my computer, when I am at firefox, the last 3 or 4 columns of the player's batting stats are obscured by the ads that cover them.